April 30th, 2021

It has been some time since I have written for our website. My wife Tiffany works tirelessly to keep you all updated via Instagram. So, I figured that it is time for me to get back to work via the written form. I still write every day in my personal farm journal. And I must admit, I will always love using pen to paper to record the weather, notable events and all things Pretty Bird Farm. Scritch, scratch, crossing out, rewrite. Write more neatly next time so the kids can actually read my handwriting one day. Some of those personal thoughts regarding the farm might never make it here – and vice versa. But let us see where this digital adventure takes us.

The wind storm today has been persistent and at times, fierce. More than a handful of dead ash trees came down on the old Rosemont Tree Farm to our west. My former neighbor would have thanked the wind for the free tree removal. We lost some limbs on the silver maples and ashes, but no major damage as of yet.

Pretty Bird and I have been busy potting up and planting tender starts. Today it was Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and a few other things that I cannot remember the name of. If I had a crystal ball, I would start planting the tomatoes. The advanced forecast claims that middle spring will remain warm and cooperative. But if I had that crystal ball I’d be a full time farmer with a retirement plan in place. With that alternate reality aside, here I am, writing to you. And I do so with joy. Tired, end of the night, joy. And a full day of work begins in the morning. The weather will be warm and the garden is ready to be planted.

The kids are asleep and the Blaufrankish is open. More on some of these topics tomorrow.

About Pretty Bird Farm

Pretty Bird Farm is a small family farm located in Delaware Township in Hunterdon County, NJ. We live our lives and manage our farm as organically as possible. Our chickens eat organic feed and only the best kitchen and garden refuse. Our veggies and flowers are also raised organically, pesticide free, fertilized with organic fertilizer.
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