Snow! About two inches fell today. Very cold. Very fine snow. Heavy grey day. Fireplace day.


Cold, wintry day. 30s all day. Woke up to about an inch of snow. As mom would say, just enough to make it pretty. Wonderfully clean, blue radiant sky cracked through clouds. Snow pained on trees in tree farm and on the branches lining both sides of the valley. Slight increase in daylight seems to be spurring more eggs from the chickens. Rosemont captures the winter well. I will be singing a different tune by the end of February, but the cold months in the Township are a special time. Save the war winters for the South.


Colder and sunny – 30s. Dropped into the 20s in evening. Snow – an inch or two coming.

Today we ordered the following for the garden:

Sunrise Sauce – New plum tomato that yields orange sauce.

Pesto Party Basil – named by Tiffany!

Beananza – string bean.

Kale Prizm


Damp and warm during the morning and early afternoon. 48-52 degrees. Turned clear and colder in early evening. Dropped into 20s overnight.


Cold and rainy, again. Warmer though – mid 40s. Purchased tomato seeds for 2017:

Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Mortage Lifter, Nebraska Wedding, Paul Robeson, Wapsipinicon Peach – from Seed Savers.

Violet Jasper, Berkeley Tie-Dyed – Baker Seeds

Rutgers 250 – Roher Seed

Reds this year will be Rutgers 250, Cloudy Day and a few others.

Big Rainbow also on the list to be purchased.


Cold and rainy. 36 degrees. Warmer tomorrow.


New Year’s Day. Sunny and 48-50 degrees. Breezy. Walked down to the garden. Winter peas have low germination rate. Garlic is about 4-6 inches high. No sign of bulb flowers.


New Year’s Eve. 40 degrees and blazing sun. Wonderful light in valley this morning. Seed catalogs have arrived. Almost time to consider which crops we are going to plant in 2017.