Autumnal Equinox at Pretty Bird Farm

Autumnal Equinox at Pretty Bird Farm

I wanted to share some pictures of our garden as it transitions into fall.  While this blog post is a couple weeks late, the pictures are from the Fall Equinox in late September.  The sunflowers are no longer exploding with color, the tomatoes are no longer staked and tidy, but as our summer garden fades there are new colors to see, new plants to anticipate and still so many things to still be grateful for.

I took a yoga class a few weeks ago where the instructor talked about that period of transition in between the poses.  Often we are in such a hurry to get from one place to the next that our focus is either on where we are going, or where we have been, and we don’t take the time to soak in the beauty that lies in that transition.  So, as our garden transitions into Fall, here are a few pictures to capture the moments.


The Grand Entrance


John planting a second batch of radishes


Are those furrows too deep?


These were planted 2 weeks ago and will be ready for harvesting in about 2 more!


They’re still pretty because the gold finches love them!


So much for tidy rows!  Best performer this year way down at the end is the new Cloudy Day.  It had the best disease tolerance and it is still producing in the cold short days!


This nasturtium is still working hard!  I recently used some in cut flower arrangements.


The carrots are sure taking their time!


Late season winners: Ageratum, Snapdragons, Marigolds


1st year growing Gomphrena Fireworks!  Great cutflower and looking good so far dried.


Let me tell you about this luffa!  It is definitely the most unique thing out in the garden.  I am really excited to make sponges!   Handmade sponges!  Who knew?!


Benary’s Giant Zinnias aren’t exactly giant anymore, but they are still mildew free and still cranking out vibrant beauties.


This kale has been feeding us all summer!  I grew it on a whim from seed planning on tossing it to the chickens but we have had a dozen or more beautiful dinners (and so have the chickens!)


The pumpkin patch was a bit of a flop.  It was destroyed by vine borers and stink bugs.  This is going to be a new cut flower bed next year.


New foundation planting!  Wait until you see these beauties grow up: variegated red twig dogwoods!


Another foundation planting in the back.  We moved these hostas out of the blazing sun and created a shade bed.  There is also astilbe and bleeding hearts in there hiding under the vibrant coleus.


Oh hey moonflower, I almost forgot about you!


A few of our lovely ladies: Black Marans, Lavender Orpington, Polish TopHat



We started a legit compost pile this year.  We make too much compost for the neat and tidy black box!  I hope to use some of this in the coming year to enrich our soils.



And look at this guy!  Feeding on and being fed on a tomato growing out of the compost pile!  Those little grains of rice are actually wasp cocoons which are eating the hornworm from the inside out!


The autumn splendor of golden rod.  This is the primary food of our honey bees this time of year.


Sometimes the prettiest flowers are the ones that volunteer to grow.  This little tickseed is growing in what is left of the melon patch!


And one final photo: the Little Monarch that Could!  Our garden was so full of butterflies this summer, I love that we provided them with a breeding ground for the next generation!  Hurry up little guy!  Winter is coming!


About Pretty Bird Farm

Pretty Bird Farm is a small family farm located in Delaware Township in Hunterdon County, NJ. We live our lives and manage our farm as organically as possible. Our chickens eat organic feed and only the best kitchen and garden refuse. Our veggies and flowers are also raised organically, pesticide free, fertilized with organic fertilizer.
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