Our First Hunterdon County 4H Fair

We’ve lived in Hunterdon County for three summers now and one of our favorite things to do as summer draws to a close is to visit the Hunterdon County 4H Fair.  We love ogling all the animals (and imagining what our lives would be like if they were part of our family): the snuggly alpacas, the massive milking cows, the newborn baby cows, the fluffy sheep, the majestic horses and the adorable goats.  With a year of chicken keeping under our belts, we knew a thing or two as we walked the poultry aisle admiring all the roosters and exotic breeds.

This year was a new adventure for us because it was the first time ever that we entered some of our produce and flowers.  I looked up the requirements on a whim last weekend and when I saw how easy it was to enter we decided to give it our best shot and enter anything that looked good.


Gourds were hand picked (and gummed) by Violet!

We ended up entering a total of fifteen fruits, veggies and flowers.  I thought that we would at least take home one ribbon, but when I saw that nearly two hundred exhibitors had already entered as I was checking in, I wasn’t so sure!


Judging began promptly at 3pm the Tuesday before the fair opens and exhibitors could return that night after 7pm to see if they won.  We were really pushing it with Violet’s bedtime but I couldn’t contain my excitement and I just had to see if we won anything!  We were surprised and so excited to find out that we won 10 ribbons!!!


1st place for biggest sunflower head!!!


  • Nebraska Wedding 3rd Place
  • Wapsipinicon Peach 1st Place
  • Mortgage Lifter 3rd Place
  • Rutgers 250 2nd Place
  • Wee Be Little 2nd Place
  • Jack Be Little 1st Place
  • Kale 2nd Place
  • Largest Sunflower Head 1st Place
  • Tallest Sunflower 3rd Place
  • Largest Squash 2nd Place


While I don’t hope to compete for first place in the tallest sunflower, (you would need a flatbed trailer to deliver this year’s winner!), I do hope to enter a few more categories next year and this may influence what we decide to grow next year.  If you would like to taste our award winning tomatoes, visit our farm stand on Route 519 in Rosemont!!

About Pretty Bird Farm

Pretty Bird Farm is a small family farm located in Delaware Township in Hunterdon County, NJ. We live our lives and manage our farm as organically as possible. Our chickens eat organic feed and only the best kitchen and garden refuse. Our veggies and flowers are also raised organically, pesticide free, fertilized with organic fertilizer.
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